Class 3: HCR/CRD 473 & 583: Interprofessional Education & Comprehensive Systems Health

Course Description: The community-engaged experiential learning course integrates students into comprehensive systems health and interprofessional education through the creation of team-based community impact projects with vulnerable populations. Students in their first semester identify a health system problem, issue, or gap, explore current evidence related to their topic of interest, and plan an intervention to address. During their second semester, students refine their plan, implement, and evaluate outcomes of their impact projects. Students refine their professional and interprofessional practice competencies and leadership skills.

  • Activity: Student Projects (paired with mentors for collaboration and guidance based on student's chosen topic on system gaps)

  • Instructor: Liz Harrell

  • Location: iCourse

  • Session C 

  • Choice of 1-3 Credits (repeatable for up to 9 credits)

Team Projects

Spring 2021

Narrative Medicine

Childhood Trauma

Homeless Outreach

SMI/Mental Health

Refugee Population

Advocacy & Stigma Reduction

Health Disparities

Care Coordination

Fall 2020

Care Coordination

Homeless Outreach

Maternal & Children's Health

Advocacy & Stigma Reduction