Student Health Outreach for Wellness (SHOW) is a student driven, faculty guided, interprofessional team of individuals from Arizona’s three state universities and surrounding communities dedicated to improving health outcomes. Participants will develop and expand competencies in the care of vulnerable populations, interprofessional practice, leadership, and social determinants of health through community-engaged learning and scholarship. 


The mission of SHOW is to facilitate the health of vulnerable populations in our community through excellence and innovation in interprofessional education, service, practice, and research. 
Student Health Outreach for Wellness (SHOW) is a not-for-profit organization that brings student-run healthcare to the underserved populations in the greater Phoenix area. 
Obstacles to health care access represent a profound national problem that grows worse each year. Despite ever-more innovative technologies and advances, more and more Americans are left behind or at risk. These people are our friends and neighbors, our co-workers and their families, our parents and even ourselves. They are essential parts of our communities, where the health of one directly or indirectly affects the health of all.

John A. Kitzhaber, MD

Former Governor of Oregon

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